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Team Gymnastics




Blaze provides our Artistic Team gymnasts with two compelling options: the USAG Junior Olympic Program for both boys and girls, and the NGA program exclusively for girls. Additionally, we offer a competitive Trampoline and Tumbling program. Both the USAG and NGA programs offer exciting competition opportunities. It's important to note that one program is not inherently superior to the other; they each come with their own unique advantages and disadvantages. Consequently, every child may discover distinct benefits from participating in each program at different stages of their gymnastics journey. Our dedicated coaching staff will carefully assess and tailor the program that best aligns with each child's specific needs and goals.


A gymnast in the USAG Junior Olympic Program is required to compete on every event and must complete certain requirements on each event on a given level before advancing to the next.

The Junior Olympic Program is broken down into levels (2-10) and offers some of the strongest, most challenging competition at each level. Athletes competing at levels 2-5 compete Compulsory routines; each child competes the same exact routines on each apparatus and uses the same floor routine music. Athletes competing at level 6 and above, compete Optional routines; each gymnast competes their own unique routine on each apparatus and can choose their own floor routine music, though there are still requirements regarding what types of elements and skills must be included at each level.

The Junior Olympic Program is a highly demanding program, requiring a lot of time and dedication. Due to the levels of precision and difficulty required to execute routines, Junior Olympic Program gymnasts will typically train between 6 and 30 plus hours per week. Former Blaze gymnasts competing in this program have gone on to compete at the college level at such institutions as UCONN, Gannon University, University of Delaware, Brown University, Simpson College, and Penn State.


NGA is a competitive gymnastics program whose focus is on athlete longevity and family flexibility. The athletes stay on a progressive track that gives them the opportunity to remain involved in gymnastics through Junior High and High School. NGA athletes compete against other athletes with similar training regimens, keeping the “playing field” level. A typical NGA gymnast will train 4- 15 hours per week. NGA has levels 2 through 10 and all gymnasts compete optional routines at each level. Former Blaze gymnasts competing in this program have gone on to compete at college level at such institutions as Syracuse University, Ithaca College, SUNY Cortland, SUNY Geneseo, and Gannon University.


Blaze Gymnastics incorporates training in all three apparatus of T&T, including trampoline, power tumbling, and double mini-trampoline. Athletes competing at levels 2-7 compete prescribed compulsory routines as set by USA Gymnastics; each child competes in the same routine skill sequence across the United States. Athletes competing at levels 8-10 compete in 2 routines at each event, which must meet certain skill level requirements. These optional routines are created to showcase an athlete’s strengths. Athletes may compete on different levels for each of the events in T&T.


Please call our office at 315-452-6704 for information or email us.

If any gymnast is interested in becoming part of our USAG, NGA, or T&T teams then please call to schedule an appointment for a tryout and interview with our coaches.

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