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Fees and Policies


Academic Session: September - June
Summer Session: July - August


Tuition is paid monthly (the first day of each month). A valid credit or debit card is required for registration. All students are automatically enrolled each month until the session end. Summer session requires a re-enrollment and is not automatic.

You may withdraw and re-enroll at any time throughout the year. Written notice of withdrawal is required 5 days prior to the start of the next month. We do offer make-ups for missed classes (see Make-up Policy below). There are no tuition adjustments for missed classes.


Fees vary by the classes your student is enrolled in.  

There is an annual registration fee of $60 per student, which covers September through the end of August. Any registration after September but before March will still incur the full $60 fee and last through August. After March 1st, the registration fee will be discounted to $25 per student and last through August. Students only enrolling in the Summer Session who are not participating in the Academic Session will be charged a $10 registration fee.


Automatic Payment System – We offer an automatic payment system. Tuition is paid every month on a continuous basis for the entire session. On the first day of each month, we will charge the credit/debit card number we have on file for you in our secured system. Summer session requires re-enrollment and is not automatic.

Alternate Payment Methods – We also accept check or cash. Please make checks out to “Blaze Gymnastics.” Payment must be received in the office by the first of each month. If payment is not received by the tenth (10th) of each month, we will charge the credit or debit card on file the full tuition plus a $25 late fee.

Returned Check Fees – If a check is returned, we will charge the credit or debit card on file the full tuition plus a $25 returned check fee.


To withdraw your child’s enrollment, please notify the office in writing at least 5 days prior to the start of the next month. Written notice to withdraw must be received by 5 days prior or your credit card will be charged.


We do not offer refunds for tuition nor registration fees. Tuition pays for a student's spot in class regardless of attendance. However, we offer make-ups to currently enrolled students who miss classes for all programs outside of our competitive teams. Make-ups must be completed 60 days from the date that the class was missed and cannot be carried over to a new session.

Make-ups are not offered for inclement weather closings or other unscheduled gym-wide closings.

Make-ups must be taken while a child is enrolled. Once a child withdraws from the program, all make-ups are forfeited.

Make-ups must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.

Once a make-up is scheduled, if you miss that make-up class, it still counts as a make-up.

We reserve the right to refuse to offer a makeup if we feel it will affect safety or lessen the experience of those children who have registered for and paid for that class.


Private lessons can be coordinated either directly with a coach, or your information can be left with the front desk to put in a request. If you need to cancel, please email of the cancellation. If you booked directly with the coach you are welcome to cancel through notifying the coach directly, but we highly recommend you also email us to ensure we have a record of the cancellation. If notice of the cancellation is not received in writing at least 24 hours prior to the lesson, you will be charged the full private lesson fee as initially agreed to.

Private lessons are intended for one student only. If you would like to schedule a private lesson for two students, there will be a 50% up-charge on the price of the lesson. Private lessons are not permitted for 3 or more students at a time.


Cancellations of classes and programs are not based on school weather closings. If we decide to cancel classes or close entirely, we will post on the local news stations, Facebook and our website. There will be no refunds or make ups issued for classes missed due to inclement weather closings.


We are happy to provide a tuition discount of 5% for each additional child in your family (and yes, we will apply the discount to your largest tuition fees first).


Girls – Leotard or leotard and biker shorts are recommended (we have leotards for sale at the gym). They can also wear shorts and a t-shirt.

Boys – T-shirt or leotard and shorts/sweatpants.

Students under the age of 18 are not permitted to train without a shirt/top. No jewelry can be worn with the exception of post earrings. Hair must be pulled tightly away from the face. 


For safety reasons, students are not allowed on the floor or equipment before or after class. When class is over, the students must leave the training area.

Parents may observe their child in class but MUST stay in the designated viewing area.

Our insurance does not allow parents and non-registered students in the training area. No parents or non-gymnasts are allowed on the floor. Please keep your other children off the floor and equipment at all times. Blaze Gymnastics accepts no responsibility and liability for accidents or injuries, which occur to anyone not enrolled in classes at the gym.

No food or drinks other than water are allowed on or near the floor. No shoes and/or gum are permitted on the gym’s floor.

Communicating with students during class is a distraction to everyone and should be avoided for safety reasons.

You are responsible for dropping off and picking up your student on time, as there is no supervision before or after the end of the class

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