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You can enroll at any time! We will prorate your tuition for the amount of classes left in the month at the time of enrollment.

Call the office to schedule a makeup class for your child! Makeups must be scheduled within 3 days of the absence, and you must be actively enrolled to do them. (no refunds or credit for missed classes).

From September through June, each day of the week gets 40 classes. You may have 3 this month, and 5 another month, but by the end of the season they all add up to 40!

Gymnasts can either wear a
leotard, or shorts/leggings and a tight fitting top (for spotting safety) no buckles/zippers, hair pulled back, and bellys' covered! Ninjas have a uniform that can be found at

Yes! Please call the office to discuss. As long as there is space in a class then we are happy to make a transfer!

We have skill cards that track progress in each class! Coaches are tracking progress on skills at each event throughout the month. Each event completed earns a ribbon, and once all ribbons are earned, gymnasts get a certificate of class completion which is their invitation to move up to the next class! Ninjas have skill cards, too! Progress reports are given to ninjas monthly, and once a skill card is completed, they get an invitation to move up to the next level!

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