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Trampoline & Tumbling

Blaze's recreational T&T program promises sky-high jumps, numerous spins, and exhilarating flips! We invite you to come in and try a class today! Our programming is designed to cover a wide array of ages and skill levels. Classes include rotations on each of the competitive T&T apparatuses, in addition to the tumble track. Your child will learn the fundamentals of Trampoline, Tumbling, and Double Mini Trampoline in addition to increasing their strength and flexibility. Classes are formatted with a combination of activities, circuits, and stations designed to develop each child's ever-growing abilities and keep them moving! We invite you to come watch your child soar to new heights and find out what it feels like to fly! 

Certain higher-level classes are by invitation only. Please ask your coach or the front desk for more details.

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