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Introducing Blaze Launchpad

Dear Blaze Community,

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with all of you! This September, Blaze Gymnastics is embarking on its most significant expansion in nearly five years! Introducing…Blaze Launchpad! This additional space at 7687 Frontage Road (in between GetAir and Champions Fitness), is just a few doors down from our current location within the same parking lot. This means easy access to both locations without the need for any additional driving or even crossing a road.

Starting this fall with the new Academic Session, all NinjaZone classes, Preschool Gymnastics classes (Twinkling Stars, Shining Stars, and Shooting/Rising Stars), birthday parties, and the rock wall will be moving to The Launchpad, while all other programs will continue operating in the current facility. This expansion will allow for larger and specially designed areas for both Ninja and Tots classes, catering to the unique needs of each of those programs. Moreover, this shift also provides the programs remaining in our current space with the opportunity to spread out and enhance their training environments.

Furthermore, to make the most of this additional space, we are proud to introduce over $100k worth of new equipment across all programs in both spaces over the coming months (deliveries have already started arriving this week!). This investment will ensure top-notch facilities for all our students, further elevating their gym experience.

While we are working diligently to ensure the space is move-in ready by September, we kindly ask for your patience and understanding during this transition. We will be setting up A LOT of new equipment while we bring both spaces up to full operational speed. Rest assured, the new equipment, enhanced floor design, increased space, and more will significantly benefit all of our programs and elevate the Blaze community to its full potential. 

We deeply appreciate the support you have shown us over the past few years, and we are incredibly excited about the opportunities this expansion will bring for everyone involved.

Thank you for being an integral part of the Blaze Gymnastics family. We eagerly look forward to the road ahead!

Best regards,

Blaze Management

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