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Dominic DiFulvio
Dominic has signed with Penn State University and a member for the Men’s Gymnastics team.
Level: 10
Class of 2013

Kaitlyn Heath
2104 Graduate of Marcellus High School (NY)
GPA: 91.54
Classes Taken: Honors Chemistry, Spanish 3
Academic Courses 2013: AP Biology, English 11, US History, Pre Calculus, Spanish 4
2009-2013 Honor Roll student
Level 9 Gymnast
Blaze Gymnastics
Coach: Sharon Cochardo
Gymnastics Achievements:
2010-2013 State Qualifier
International Gymnastics Camp attendee

Taylor Riley
Height: 4’9″
Weight: 97 lbs.
Age: 16
Grade: 11
School: Jamesville-DeWitt High-School (NY)
Level: 10
Vault: Tsuk layout, Front-front
Working: Front-front pike
Bars: Hop-hand, front giant, pirouette, bail, giant, double back dismount
Working: Pak salto, blind full
Beam: Switch-leap, standing layout step-out, backhandspring layout step-out, full turn, straddle jump puck 3/4, front ariel, front full dismount
Working: front ariel one arm backhandspring, backhandspring layout step-out layout step-out
Floor: Double pike, front handspring front layout front pike, front full, switch side pike full, switch leap ring, puck full, popa, full leg up turn
Working: double back (for last pass), rudy