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COVID-19 Policies


Our staff has put in countless hours rearranging the gym, altering lesson plans, cleaning, and revamping the lobby to adhere to the numerous guidelines set forth from COVID-19. Needless to say, the gym and our operations will be different as we adjust to this "new normal" for the time being.

Regardless of your viewpoint on COVID-19, we ask for your utmost support and cooperation so we are able to continue operations, adhere to all guidelines required, and keep all our staff, athletes, and families in the gym feeling safe and comfortable.

We also ask for you to have a positive conversation with your athlete about our return to gym protocols, regardless of your viewpoint on COVID-19, we ask that you encourage them following all rules, proper mask etiquette, and being thankful they are able to return to the sport they love.

1. Masks must be worn at all times by any person over the age of 2 years per NY State mask mandate.

2. Masks must be worn by kids upon entry/exit/in the lobby & bathrooms and at all events during class. Participants/Athletes must wear masks during activity. Disclaimer-Masks restrictions may change during physical activity if COVID-19 cases begin to fall in our communities but is mandated by NY State not Blaze Gymnastics.

3. Please follow all signs and directions posted. We have limited capacity to accommodate parents. Athletes/Participants over the age of 6 are limited to one adult per family only. Age 7 and up are limited to parent/guardian to walk in and drop off and walk back in to pick up at the end of class. We have invested in Spot-TV, a mobile viewing app for you to view class from your home or car. To register for this, go to We ask that if you are comfortable dropping your child-off and picking up, or waiting in your car, to please do so to help us limit the traffic in the gym and keep our parent area open to those who have younger athletes/participants. We ask that parents remain on their spot in the lobby observing the 6- foot physical distance requirement and avoid congregating at the front desk. Disclaimer-capacity and social distancing restrictions may change if COVID-19 cases begin to fall in our communities but is mandated by NY State not Blaze Gymnastics.

4. Athletes/Participants should arrive NO EARLIER than 10 minutes prior to their practice. Athletes/Participants must wear masks at all times in the building.

5. Athletes/Participants should bring a backpack or drawstring bag with them out to class to hold their water bottle, shoes and mask while engaged in physical activity. There are no cubbies available to hold items currently.

6. All make-up classes must be done during the scheduled MAKE UP ONLY classes. Please call the office to register for make-up recreational classes.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for anyone who is unwilling to adhere to the rules and guidelines. Athletes or adults who are unwilling or unable to follow the guidelines and protocols will be asked to leave. There are no refunds or make-up classes if you are asked to leave for inability to follow our rules and policies.

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